Stress Monki

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 All Monki's are hand size, as seen on TIKTOK.

Tired of broken controllers, broken keyboards and all that stress in your head that your boss, mom or dad give you?

worry no more, we have a solution for you. our stress monki will handle all of that stress that you keep in you and it will handle all the beating that you do to all of your personal valuables.

🐒 Guaranteed stress reliever

💪 constructed with the finest elasticity material and our finest sand beads

🌆 our stressmonki has been drop tested from multiple 100 FT+ building. it's built to last

👊 Guaranteed 10000+ hits and drops and beatings

 ❤ lower boiling blood pressure 

What is a Stress Monki?

A stress monki is a companion that you can take anywhere on the go whether it be to work or simple gatherings. Whatever the occasion is, rest assured knowing stress monki will be there to relieve. 

Why You Need It!

 Everyone needs it because everyone deals with some stress. whether it be at work, home, school, or personal stress. The monki is built to handle your punches/feelings so say bye bye to broken keyboards, controllers, phones or holes in the wall. let our stressmonki handle your stress and let it save you some money.

Benefits of having a Stress Monki!

🙈 monki stops you from breaking valuable family heirlooms/personal valuables❤

🙉 monki can handle all of your stress and fun needs❤

🙊 monki last longer then stress balls and can lower your blood pressure ❤

🐵 monki will save you money ❤

🐒 monki is capable of lasting 10000+ punches, slaps, tosses and drops ❤

🙊 monki is for all people of age to enjoy ❤

How To Use Monki 

🦍 Just open the package right up! and start slapping him and beating him up as much as you want, because the stress monki is invincible and is ready to tackle your every need!

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